Philomirrophobia II (2012)

Philomirrophobia II
Short | 70 min | 2012 | China
Dir/Writer: Yuke Qin

“I’d like to tell you about my love story. But my love story may sound really disappointing to you, because love never happened to me” ―Yuke Qin
Yuke Qin second installment of Philomirrophobia ran for 70 minutes long. Unlike its predecessor which relied heavily on imagery, this second one aided by a narration. The first half of the film sort of explain the first film, implicitly narrated by Yuke himself, before going to the second  half that picks up the story and brought it to somekind of conclusive end. The images, artfully shot and beautifully captured is still mesmerizing to look at, sometimes they work like puzzle that we could somewhat comprehend at the very end of the film.
If the first film was about self love and self hate, i think the third film is about self-healing and self-acceptance. Although Yuke created this piece as his own way to deal with his sexuality, i found there’s a very universal theme that anyone can relate to. Sometimes i felt that we human are so hard on ourselves, becoming the harshest judge of character and resort to self-deprecation. Above others’ our opinion of ourselves is our biggest hurdle and i think this is what Yuke Qin trying to deliver. Giving a sense of overcoming our own doubts and fear and finally accepting our own faults and whatever we felt lacking.

For what its worth, this is a film that probably does not appeal to a lot of people, but i’m glad i caught it anyway.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo.

This movie was screened as a part of Q! Film Festival in Jakarta.


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