Philomirrophobia (2011)

Short | 23 min | 2011 | China
Dir/Writer: Yuke Qin

Philomirrophobia is among the my top-5 must see at 2013 Q! Film Festival. I went to it literally running from a different venue to be able to catch the last screening, surprise surprise, i was the only one there. Thank god the committee is kind enough to screen the film even though i was the only audience there.
This experimantal short film by Chinese painter, Yuke Qin, is closer to art than a cinematic feature.We saw Yuke walked in platformed, high-heeled glass shoes with a matching transparent body armor, later bind in red bondage rope, some other time draped in red dress. We saw images that are worthy of horror films but actually a medical footage of cosmetic surgery.  We saw images upon images that have a significant semiotic contents to it, with symbolism and iconography that would took a serious discussion to decipher. Sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes gruesomely so. With colors and set designs that reminds you of Tarsem Singh signatures.
Philomirrophobia was a projection of both self-love and self-hate of the creator. Just like the title aptly suggested. It visuals are daring and should capture your attention (either a good way or not). Just like other form of art, it is up to you to find the essence beyond its surface.

Watch the Trailer at Vimeo.

This movie was screened as a part of Q! Film Festival in Jakarta.


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