In Their Room London (2013)

Short, Documentary | 32 min | 2013 | USA
Dir/Writer: Travis Mathews

The newest installment of In Their Room series (2009-present), an on-going multi city documentaries about gay men, through confessional interviews about their fantasies and vulnerabilities. A compelling view to the inner mind of modern gay men, unique to their culture, and how they live their everyday life.
I have only seen Travis Mathews’ ‘I Want Your Love‘ (both the short and feature length film) so i’m actually curious about his documentary series (although i was hoping Q! Film Festival would brought ‘Interior. Leather Bar.‘ instead, well a girl can dream). In Their Room London, give us a personal view to several gay men (with various age and backgrounds) living in the city, how they live their lifestyle, intimately sharing their most intimate moments and secrets in the privacy of their rooms. Mathews’ intention with these series is to document and represent modern gay men that previously were unseen by media, and giving the viewers an authentic, modern, and uncensored view that are rarely seen in the cinema. In that sense Mathews’ is successful. We are privy to these mens’ most insecure and vulnerable thoughts as the camera move in tight close up to their faces and pits and bums, giving the viewers a sense of intimacy at a very intimate distance, while age disparity of the subject of his film giving us a richer portrait of their cultural spectrum.


GENRE Short, Documentary
DIRECTOR Travis Mathews | PRODUCER Travis Mathews | WRITER Travis Mathews | MUSIC Santiago Latorre | EDITOR Travis Mathews | COUNTRY United States  | RUNNING TIME 32 minutes | RELEASE June 2013

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This movie was screened as a part of Q! Film Festival in Jakarta.


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