Rush (2013)

I’ve never really pay attention to Formula 1, other than glimpses of the tournament on TV. I have not see any trailer but i know some people who are excited about the film. So a few days ago i went to a theater with my friend (praying for something other than Insidious 2 or You’re Next) and ended up watching this film. Simply because: Thor Chris Hemsworth. Ha! 

This is one of those films that draws me in immedeately, as it open in the middle of the story, during the faithful day in Nürburgring circuit, before the narrative flashback and continues in a linear timeline. Right from the beginning we know this film would be about rivalries between two legendary drivers, Austrian Nick Lauda (Daniel Brühl) as well as the British James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). The two had been involved in fierce rivalries even from the days of their Formula Three.
Rush in a way reminds me of 2011 Warrior, the way they represent a sport film genre yet the human character become one of the compelling factor of the film itself. Rush had a simplicity and surprisingly easy to get, i think it’s one of the quality that i like, it does not pretend to be something that is not. The simpleness of the rivalries arc was represented through wonderful acting provided by the ensemble. The shot above probably taken at the very beginning of the film, when Lauda started to narrates his never ending rivalries with Hunt, yet captured perfectly to describe the entirety of the film.  Ron Howard’s lack of knowledge of Formula One racing does not cripple him, i think it delivers the prickling heat and speed, and brought Hunt and Lauda’s relationship to vibrant life much like their races. It isn’t afraid to shy away from the darker side of both of them. Of course to work as a big screen film some historical details might be altered or dramatized through creative license, not that i’d know (probably a fan of F1 would).
“The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel. It’s a wonderful way to live. It’s the only way to drive; to live each day as if it’s your last.”James Hunt, RUSH (2013)
James Hunt believed in living each day like it’s his last, taking the principle of carpe diem to heart. His career involved numerous girlfriends, boozes, and he took uncalculated risks because it made everything more fun, and he often get away from troubles just because of his charming demeanor. He settled down with a model early in his career before the matrimony was strained due to his emotional distress that caused his wife to seek for comfort in another man. Niki Lauda is a different case, he appears stoic, everything he did is well planned and calculated, he can be downright rigid, and believe in the absolution of law in achieving his goals. When he fall for Marlene (Alexandra Maria Lara) it was forever, and for all single girls out there, believe me when i say this is the kind of guy should settle down with. The two man are complete opposite to each other, but like they say, opposite does attract. So seeing the dynamic between the two competitors become one of the most interesting part of the film for me. Brühl performance in particular, stood out for me, i never really paid attention to his career before, but i remembered watching him in Lenin a few years ago.
Set in the 70s the film looked perfectly in their period but not dated, perhaps through the careful eye of the wardrobe designers and the collaboration with the vintage archive of fashion house of Gucci (for Wilde’s and Hemsworth’s) as well as with Salvatore Ferragamo (for Mara’s and Brühl’s). The cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, use various filters especially during the high-octane races that reminds me of a celluloid films or something captured through lomo cameras with wonderful light leaks and artful grains which worked when capturing the essence and become a representation of racing visual. The real beauty of the film actually lies in the eargasmic sound design of accelerated machines, worthy of another Academy Awards nomination, beside Brühl’s strong portrayal of Lauda.
Rush is accessible enough even though you are not familiar with the source material or even the sport. Because i did. It was exhilarating and enjoyable thrill, i can still feel the excitement even as i walked out of the theater. I really am looking forward to re-watch this and probably even pick up the BluRay later.

“He was one of the people i like, even one of the few i respect“―Nick Lauda, RUSH (2013)

R00RUSH (2013)

GENRE Sports, Drama
DIRECTOR Ron Howard | PRODUCER Ron Howard, Braian Grazer, Andrew Eaton, Eric Fellner, Brian Olliver, Guy East, Nigel Sinclair,Tobin Armburst, Tyler Thompson, Tim Bevan | WRITER Peter Morgan | MUSIC Hans Zimmer | CINEMATOGRAPHER Anthony Dod Mantle | EDITOR Daniel P. Henley, Mike Hill | STUDIO Exclusive Media, Working Title Films, Revolution Films, Imagine Entertainment, Relativity Media, Cross Creek Pictures | DISTRIBUTOR Exclusive Media, StudioCanal, Universal Pictures, Pathé  | COUNTRY United States, United Kingdom | BUDGET $38 million | RUNNING TIME 123 minutes | RATING R for sexual content, nudity, language, some disturbing images and brief drug use | RELEASE September 20, 2013 (US)
STARRING Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara

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6 thoughts on “Rush (2013)

  1. I give this one a 4 star. I loved it, somehow could combine drama and racing thrill. The editing was pretty awesome too. I haven’t seen much from Hemsworth but he was pretty fit as Hunt. I also never really paid much attention to F1. Great review!

    • Thank you! I loved this one too!! :D I really had a great time with it even without understanding F1 at all! (i mean 74 laps? thats a LOT!!)
      Glad you enjoyed this one too Andina! :D

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