Foreclosure (2013

Short | 13 min | 2013 | Canada
Dir/Writer: Wayne Robinson

Sigmund (Dylan Harvey) has been given a chance for a promotion at work if he can complete the company dossier as assigned by his boss by the end of the day. (be warned: contains explicit male nudity and subtle female nudity).
Out of several Short films i’ve seen from TIFF line up this year. Foreclosure, for the most unlikely reason became a stood out. I don’t think i can fully grasp what does the film trying to communicate: whether it is a surrealistic take of being vulnerable at your workplace, the unease of being exposed, the stress of being an over-achiever, or whatever reason the filmmaker had in his mind. What stood out the most is the nudity, not just any form of nudity, the film gave an extremely explicit male nudity (cocks and bollocks included), opposed with the lack of  the female counterpart (which only feature the flesh of the shoulders, legs, and back). These nudity however necessary it is to express the narratives become a distraction for me, instead i feel the statement were made from the contrasting nudity between the male and female actors on screen.


GENRE Short, Comedy
DIRECTOR Wayne Robinson | PRODUCER Tom Hackett, Nigel Edwards | WRITER Wayne Robinson | MUSIC Patrick Fiore | CINEMATOGRAPHER Jan Wolff | EDITOR Wayne Robinson | COUNTRY Canada  | RUNNING TIME 13 minutes | RELEASE 12 September 2013
STARRING Dylan Harvey, Christian Bower, Massimo Frau, Alissa Hansen, Vic Stapel, Adam J. Wright
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Part of TIFF 2013 Short Cuts.


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