Monthly Digest: 2013 September

September is the craziest month so far this year. It was insanely hectic, i attempted to do a small project for the blog through the special 3-part series of Fashion and Films thoughts out loud articles on the blog, but my real life actually have a more significant event: I finally finished my master thesis! Yay me! So after my thesis defense at the last week of the month, i still could not rest my brain because i need to revised the manuscript, write a paper to be published in a journal, etc before i can graduate. Now everything is done right on the cusp of the deadline and i’m going to graduate in October :) Of course, the question (and panic) of getting a real job is hovering in my brain, but i have to put that aside for now. Instead, let’s recap what happened in the last 30 days at KaramelKinema.
(please forgive the header image, but it’s perfectly describe my current joyous mood!)
New movies seen in September (locally released in Indonesia Cinema)
Byzantium | One Direction: This Is Us | Kick-Ass 2 | Secretly, Greatly

Previously released films that i just got my paws on :D
The Kings of Summer | Disconnect | The Bling Ring | This is The End | A Teacher | Adore

Lovely short shorts: Noah | Born Sweet | The Gathering Squall

This month TV, Awards Talk: 2013 Primetime Emmy

Talking about various aspect of fashion and cinema love affair in three part Thoughts Out Loud: Fashion in Films | Fashion and Films | Fashion Films
Whilst talking about a couple of Fashion doc The September Issue | Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

A collaboration with SheSpeaksMovies: MOVIECUBE. Accordingly adopt Fashion as the theme of the month: Blow-Up | Sex and The City | Valentino: The Last Emperor

4th Month of 2013 5 Obstruction Blogathon, created by Nostra from Myfilmviews. Write a 2000 words review, my chosen movie for the challange: The Internship. Beside that i joined the Debut Blogathon by Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop and Three Rows Back, reviewing Darren Aronofsky’s debut feature: π  Pi.

October is already starting and i’ve watched more films within the last three days (including Metallica’s Through The Never and Rush) than i can review in a week. But i already have several fun things to look forward to (blog-wise), including me finally going to Q! Film Festival, a festival for LGBT films in Indonesia. Let’s hope there would be good news to look forward to in the real-life front :D

How was your September? Whether it’s good or bad, let’s hope for an outstanding October for us all!


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