The Gathering Squall (2011)

Short | 13 min | 2011 | United States
Dir/Writer: Hannah Fidell
An bleak portrait of teenage exploration of sexuality. Adapted from a short story with the same title by Joyce Carol Oates. Watch the short film on Vimeo Video on Demand page (attached to A Teacher).

First of all the title is so poetic, squall itself means a sudden violent wind or storm, which is a perfect allegory to the film pace as it started out slowly as it gathers it momentum before crashing down to a violent end. The film focus on Lisellen, a shy young girl with broken home although it is obvious that both parents love her very much. She found little thrills when her classmate Duncan drive her home one afternoon, they shared cigarettes and harmless flirtation. Then he invites her to hang out with his friend. It provides a look toward judgement against gender bias in interpreting a horrific rape assault, ironically set against the lush greeneries as the backdrop like a representation of Lisellen blossoming into maturity. The conclussion itself was somewhat thought-provoking, as we as viewer began to question whether Duncan is really innocent after all?


GENRE Short, Drama
DIRECTOR Hannah Fidell | PRODUCER Hannah Fidell, Brian McOmber | WRITER Hannah Fidell | CINEMATOGRAPHER Andrew Droz Palermo | MUSIC Sean McCormick | EDITOR Sofi Marshall | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 13 minutes | RELEASE 2011
STARRING Sydney Hogan, Tyler Serle, Brett Shaw, Amy Edgerly

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