Born Sweet (2010)

Short | 29 min | 2010 | United States
Dir: Cynthia Wade

“When i die, i don’t know where i will end up, i hope i am re-born in this village..” it was a word of 15-years old Vinh from Prek Russei Village Cambodia. Like many others in his family Vinh suffered from Arsenic poisoning. He’s become sickly, progressively weaker and might not even live very long. He know this, because he believes was born sweet, not strong like those who were born salty. Yet, Vinh has a dream of becoming a karaoke star.

Cynthia Wade’s Born Sweet is the recipient of honorary award for short filmmaking category in 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Cynthia took a subject of 15 year old boy to portray a cambodian village coping against arsenic infestation in their clean water supply. Touching and beautiful, we saw the hope and spirit embodied in Vinh own effort to fulfill his dream even against the ticking clock of his life. Vinh has hope, and he is not about to give up. It feels like a simple piece of documentary yet it address a very important issue of awareness and understanding.


GENRE Short, Documentary
DIRECTOR Cynthia Wade | PRODUCER Cynthia Wade | CINEMATOGRAPHER David B. Gold | MUSIC Max Avery Lichtenstein | EDITOR David Teague | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 29 minutes | RELEASE 2010

Go to IMDB | Watch on Vimeo (In Khmer with English subtitle)


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