Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

…a.k.a Hit Girl: The Kick-Ass sequel.
Spoilers warning, etc.
Returning from a sleeper hit, cult-following fame of its 2010 predecessor, our non-super-powered hero vigilante, Kick Ass is back. The first film adapted from an eponymous comic book by Mark Millar was so foul-mouthed and filled with enough hilarity to overlook the level of violence with, then 12 years old,  Chlöe Grace Moretz as 11 years old Hit Girl. The appeal of the story was giving a very relatable lead character is sort of updating the archetype of Peter Parker, the geek with a sense of heroism and justice, just sans the mutant-spider bite superpower. Of course, completed with a catchy tunes from MIKA which goes perfectly with the tone of the movie (fine, i just want to mention MIKA in this post XD).

Now after the events of the first film, Dave Lizewski/Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are in some sort of slump, he hasn’t don his costume for a long time, while Mindy Macready (Chloë Grace Moretz) is settling to her new life as a ‘normal’ teenage girls. Dave attempt to reconnect with his vigilante alter ego by joining a group of masked crusaders, Justice Forever. Mindy tried to immerse herself in the cut-throat teenage girls social circle, having new friends, and doing some extra-curricular activities. Little that they know their arch nemesis, Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is plotting his vowed revenge and baptized himself under a new name, The Mother Fucker, leading his own band of psychopaths called The Toxic Cunts.

Now… i know the first film did not exactly demand for sequels, and i did not know that they are making one until i saw the red band trailer a few months back. To be honest, i was excited by the film, because i’m always excited for most films with Moretz as well as seeing Donald Faison in one of the role (i miss Scrubs). But this movie is one of the very few movie that made me want to ran out of the theatre, screaming and offended to my bone. Yes, i know Jim Carrey denounced and criticized the film for its heavy violent content related to the Sandy Hook incident happening around the release of Kick Ass 2 in US. I’m no fan  of violence either and tend avoid slasher and gore at all cost. But i get that some film directors utilized it as an expression of their auteuristic point of view, especially when it integral to the story. Kick Ass use of violence is excessive, in a sort of class-b action type kind of way that it’s more comical than nightmarish. But my problem is not even with the violence of the film.

First of all i feel like there’s too many things happening at a short amount of times it’s not even funny. Hit Girl did not even subtly stealing the spotlight from Kick Ass this time, Taylor-Johnson was so unmemorable it’s as if he did not even bother with this film. Hit Girl embarking on adolescent with a Mean Girls-esque subplot is the most interesting part of the film, although i felt rather side-blinded by sudden explosion of pink, teen flick cliches, and Union J (which frankly i thought was a parody of One Direction). Mint-Plasse character did not have a lot of thing going on and came across more annoying than ever. The film attempted a lot of sex jokes with the Mother Fucker’s bondage gear, the Biggs’ esque antiques, sex toys, a lot sexual references and gay ones as well that mostly did not work. What blew my mind was the nerve the writer has to incorporate a queasy rape joke into the film. God. It’s just spiteful. And yes i judge whoever laughed at that scene. Apparently in the original script, the rape suppose to happen (as per the comic book), Mint-Plasse himself expressed his relief at the change, nevertheless,even a implication of it is just offensive.

Even without the flaws that i mentioned above, i think the film lost its ability to convey a wholesome story like the first one. It’s almost like there are so many elements to have fun with and they ran with all of it without any semblance of restrains whatsoever. Just count how many subplots you have and probably appear in every 10 minutes of the film. I almost did not have a positive thing to say to the film. I know some people probably had better times with this one than i do. But i did enjoy that little cameo performance by Jim Carrey as the Colonel Stars and Stripes and Spangles and Chlöe Moretz (who should get a Hit Girl spin off and i just can not wait for her Carrie!). So here’s half a star.

KICK-ASS 2 (2013)

GENRE Action, Comedy
DIRECTOR Jeff Wadlow | PRODUCER Adam Bohling, Tarquin Pack, Matthew Vaughn, Brad Pitt, David Reid | WRITER Jeff Wadlow | MUSIC Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson | CINEMATOGRAPHER Tim Maurice-Jones | EDITOR Eddie Hamilton | STUDIO Marv Films, PlanB Entertainment | DISTRIBUTOR Universal Pictures | COUNTRY United States, United Kingdom | RATING R for strong violence, pervasive language, crude and sexual content, and brief nudity | RUNNING TIME 103 minute | RELEASE August 14, 2013 (UK), August 16, 2013, September 11, 2013 (Indonesia)
STARRING Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey, Donald Faison, Clark Duke, Lindy Booth, Augustus Prew, Olga Kurkulina, Robert Emms, Daniel Kaluuya, Morris Chestnut

Image taken from IMDB | Official Site | Trailer

I tried Jim, i really did.


6 thoughts on “Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

    • This is just not for me i guess :( i would give the first one 2 1/2 stars at least. But this one just bothers me to much to enjoy it.
      Jim Carrey is one of the only best things in the film, but his appearance is so short it seems like a cameo instead.

    • i put half out of respect to Carrey and i still enjoy Moretz. D: but the rest is…ugh
      Did u watched it already? i assume u hated it?

      • haven’t seen a second :p
        i’m still gonna love it just because Moretz there and there’s kick ass :p but i still don’t get a good POV to watch it without being disappointed

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