KaramelKinema: 1 Year!

KK_B01A year ago, on august 8. The first post was published at KaramelKinema, that and 3 reviews of Marvel’s The AvengersPrometheus, and The Amazing Spider-man. Now, about 100+ post later, KaramelKinema has gone further than i’ve ever imagined. Sure there were times when i did not finished writing my thoughts about films that i really liked, i’m telling you now that i have Skyfall, Lo Impossible, The Hobbit, and The Hunger Games, among other things in my draft limbo. I hope one day i’ll get back and finish writing those. For now let me tell you a little story about the inception of Karamel Kinema. (basically, an ode for my friendship with N aka Naomi)

I used to have a livejournal blog but i used it mostly for fangirling and personal posts, back in the days. It lasts with blank patches and mostly random posts for 3 years before i finally stopped writing there. But that’s where i met Naomi, i remember we were both Indonesian, but we did not really have many things to say until we met again on twitter and apparently share an intense bias for James Cameron. I think ever since then we often spam our timeline with random rants/babble/ramble about films and such, i established her as my walking IMDb. N is probably the first person who understand my passion for films and one person i can discuss films to an obscenely obsessive level. She’s the one who converted me to South Korean films, and the one who suggest we should start writing this thoughts out in a blog.

One day in April 2012, we tweeted about how some filmmakers behaviour and attitude (we also shared the same opinion about Tarantino), which in turn got us to be invited to have a chat with one of the prominent Indonesian filmmaker, Joko Anwar (we basically said he can come off as such a snob, but we do love his work as a director). Meeting Joko that day means meeting N for the first time, and sort of dragged us to an unplanned movie screening of Edwin‘s Postcard from The Zoo, because we met at Reading Room that afternoon (read her interview article here). We still talk about films, though we switched to whatsapp so our twitter spammage won’t cause us trouble again XD (the joko fiasco is the second shit that happened to us). By the way, Joko used to write critic about film in a national newspaper, his advice against becoming a critic, saying “When you’re a critic you will inevitably tend to nitpick your choices of movies. You’ll try to find the weaknesses in a movie, points your likes and dislikes, you’ll limit yourself. I just love movies so much that I can’t possibly do that anymore.”

Anyway, from there we promised to watch an IMAX movie (remember those are the days when IMAX was new and exciting in Indonesia), it was Marvel’s The Avengers, which i loved and actually watched 7 times in Cinema. But N was not a fan (har-bloody-har), i think the gap in our opinion about films are interesting. Movies are interesting. They are an experiential product that appeals to different people differently because it is an emotional experience. I think from there me and N finally begin to seriously planning our respective movie blogs. From then and taking Joko’s own experience to heart, I begin to write my thoughts about movie i’ve seen, trying my darnest to stick to the positives and highlighting things i enjoy (that’s why i don’t have ratings at the beginning). I love movies and i watched just about any genre of movies (but horror, that’s an exception). Being human i do have my preferences, and i’m not at the stage where i could look at a film from a purely objective point of view because film, like i mentioned earlier, is an emotional experience for me.

So on this first year of karamelkinema, i learned a lot about writing my thoughts and organizing it to some semblance of coherent sentences. There’s more things to learn from N and from everyone else in the blogesphere. I rediscover my fascination with documentaries and short films, as well as establishing how LGBT themes in films and books are so dear to me. There’s more movies out there that i would love to watch but still does not have the access too. But i promise myself, that i would continue loving and enjoying films. And hopefully, i could translate them into words and it will transcends to those who reads my writing. I learn to be braver in expressing my thoughts and opinion, I feel more free to love what everyone’s hated or fail to discover the joy in what everyone’s loved.

Now… after 12 months, KaramelKinema is 1 Years Old. With that, i wished you and i will keep on loving films and enjoy our cinema! I hope for many more years ahead, of sharing my thoughts  and for more people to read and be willing to share their own point of views with me :)

Much love ♥,


P.S: On this birthday, i hope for a speedy release of Frances Ha, Kill Your Darlings, and Blue is The Warmest Color (in local cinema, a girl can wish, or at least a home media or iTunes download). Home media for all Xavier Dolan films. Oh, and Chanel 581 Cinéma nail vernis :3



KaramelKinema officially part of Large Ass Movie Blogs aka LAMB now!! Woots!!

I’m LAMB number 1652!

Akbar from Me on the Movie tweeted me the info yesterday (thank you!)! What a way to round up and celebrate the one year mark with this! :D

You can see The Lamb post here!

(quickie drawing using Zen Brush app to celebrate!)


10 thoughts on “KaramelKinema: 1 Year!

  1. This is.. so nice and flattering, puj. And.. nostalgic! Hahahaha those twitter days!! XD What was the first shit we got into though, before the whole Joko fiasco? Oh gosh I remember being stuck in that super cold tiny theatre watching a movie I couldn’t stand!! LMAO XD

    You’re doing a marvelous job with the blog, babe, and I can only stare in envy. Sigh. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful movie buddy (and just buddy in general), hoping for years and years of more movie obsessing in the future! ;)

    • Lol! yes nostalgic twitversation! and we both did not say anything throughout the entire films because we both just not sure how to share our opinion with each other yet!

      Thank you N! You know i still need to brush up my knowledge and i can learn so much more from you!

      Hear! Hear! and Elysium next week, yes?

  2. Congratulations for your first year! Wow it’s great to have a good friend who shares the same passion about movies, because so far I think this is not a field that many people have big interest to (compared to, say, sports). LOL, very few (or even none) of my friends have a good interest to movies so usually I build up a distant connection with online friends and all to share the hobby. So for me, having a good friend that matches your hobby is a real fortune!

    Welcome to the LAMBs! Feel free to tweet your newest post and add #thelamb @LambThe to have it retweeted and read by thousands of its members! Also there are various blogathons you can join, and don’t forget to check the forums! :)

    • Thank you akbar! I’m so glad i came across you and other indonesian movie bloggers too! I actually quite happy because i met another moviebloggers who mainly write in english :D
      I’m going to learn my ways around LAMB soon! Hehe!

  3. Congrats on your first year of blogging! :) It’s nice to see one more Indonesian who love movies so much they blog about it (and in English :) ) I think I read your friend’s interview with Joko Anwar. I actually want to see Postcard From Heaven so much but I remembered thinking how high the prices back then and maybe there’ll be another one (that’s wrong, obviously). Maybe we can watch a screening together?

    Welcome also to LAMB! You can dive plenty of features and join them. It’s a good way to ‘meet’ so many movie bloggers world wide.

    Here’s for years ahead! Great job!

    • Hey andina! thank you for your nice comments that you kept leaving around my blog :D

      Film related events are such a rarity in Bandung, or maybe i’m just not familiar with the right community. But i bet Jakarta has more events! maybe we’ll manage to see some screenings together one day!

      Yay for Lamb! and here’s hoping i can do better in my blogs and keep my posts at a constant rate.

    • thank you!! you have been very kind with your compliments to me :)
      and yes! kk is still just a baby! hopefully it’ll grow into a mature blog soon and i won’t abandon it XD

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