La Jetée (1962)

Short | 28 min | 1962 | French
Dir/Writer: Chris Marker

Set in post apocalyptic paris, a man journeyed through time to find ways to rescue the present.

I can’t even begin to formulate what made Chris Marker’s La Jetée became so compelling for me. The narrator help to deliver the story because seeing them without it will open all kinds of possible interpretation of what this story is about. But it did not take away the strength that lies in the way Marker translate the story: through montage of photographic stills. All are beautifully captured in black and white with interesting composition and intensity in light and shadow. It delivers a science fiction, a genre in nowadays film industry seems synonymous with a grand scale of production designs that defies logic and science. It still boggles me how Marker manage to deliver an intricate layered non-linear story of life and death, of reality and imagination, of past and future, with a dose of time-travel, oh and did i mention romance?

What a genius work! (and hard to explain in 200 words)

LA JETÉE (1962)

GENRE Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance  
DIRECTOR Chris Marker | PRODUCER Anatole Dauman | WRITER Chris Marker | MUSIC Trevor Duncan | CINEMATOGRAPHER Chris Marker | EDITOR Jean Ravel | STUDIO Argos Films | DISTRIBUTOR Argos Films | COUNTRY French | RUNNING TIME 28 minutes | RELEASE February 16, 1962
STARRING Jean Négroni (narrator), Hélène Chatelain, Davos Hanich, Jacques Ledoux

Stills are screen captured by yours truly. Visit IMDb | Trailer


 The film is part of Criterion Collection #387 as La Jetée/Sans soleil combination DVD / Blu-ray.


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