Monthly Digest: 2013 July

July was crazy. I had a turmoil in my personal front (understatement of the year!), so a lot of things i had planned must be postponed or cancelled. But fret not, July has its silver linings! I finally got my paws on Richard Linklater‘s Before Midnight, one of the film i’ve been dying to see this year, YAY!  I’ve been watching several documentaries, several Morgan Spurlock‘s ones, i miss watching documentaries.

The new releases are still dominated by Summer Blockbuster, i skipped Turbo and was so underwhelmed by RED 2 i did not bother to write about it. I’d love to see The Conjuring, but i haven’t found the right person to go with (i think i need my sister, horror really isn’t my strongest forte since i generally stay away from the genre). I had fun with July releases, especially with the nostalgic Pacific Rim. If i have to choose what my favorite of the month would be i think i’d go with The Heat for it’s all around hilarious women comedy.

My movie highlights are the previous releases: Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder, Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, and of Linklater’s Jesse-and-Celine part trois, Before Midnight.

Here’s a little digest, to help you navigate what you probably missed on karamelkinema last July.

New movies released in July (locally in Indonesia)
Upside Down (late! I KNOW) | Despicable Me 2 | The Lone Ranger | Pacific Rim | The Heat | The Wolverine

Previously released films that i just got my paws on :D
To The Wonder | White House Down | Spring Breakers | Struck By Lightning | Stoker | Before Midnight | Mud

Quirky short films that delivers amazing stories
The Girl is Mime | Stanley Pickle | Humbug | Waking Up

Getting an objective look on things through Documentary. Try watching all the three:
Room 237 | Chasing Ice | First Position

Taking an extended look at these Indonesian Short films
Nyanyian Para Pejuang Sunyi | Menunggu Warna

2nd Month of 2013 5 Obstruction Blogathon, created by Myfilmviews.
Write a review which includes an interview. My interview with Adriyanto Dewo, Indonesian  Filmmaker.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards 2013 nominations are finally out, here’s my biased reaction, really can’t wait for the award this September. little article i wrote about my thoughts about sending the right message in PSA-type films.

Even with the little hiccup i had at the beginning of the month i think the month went pretty okay. Oh, and i just found out that Victoria Mather, the director of Humbug (2013and Stanley Pickle (2010), saw my reviews and put a screencap of my post on her website as well as the official page for stanleypickle. She also tweeted a link to my page from @stanleypicklemovie. Made my day (i’m such a fangirl for her work)!

August will be the last of the Summer Blockbuster month, I’m so ready for end of year films to be quite honest. I’m anticipating ElysiumKick-Ass 2, and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, although i don’t know if the last one will be screened in Indonesian movie theatre ever! I’m a wee bit curious for Mortal Instruments: City of Bones because some of my favorite young actors are in the cast. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters rears its head, i thought that franchise is dead, not really a fan but i probably gonna see it anyway. Several comedy line ups include Grown Ups 2, We’re the Millers, and another Wahlberg’s buddy cop film 2 Guns. The Smurf 2 and Disney’s Planes are heading our way, but i’m not particularly interested. However, Lindsay Lohan and alleged porn star James Deen are teaming up in a thriller drama The Canyons, which is written by the man who wrote American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis. The poster looks deliciously campy as hell, color me intrigued! XD

I hope your July movie experience was good and let’s hope August brought some decent films our ways! :D


7 thoughts on “Monthly Digest: 2013 July

  1. OMG,
    I love your monthly digest and all the simple (BUT VERY CHIC) design you made, girl, you do have a talent to make a movie magazine alone :)
    I’m sad bcos Blitz canceled to release Before Midnight. They said they’ll but turned out, they canceled it, argghhhh
    I love Stoker, I’m not the kind of person who love Chan-Wook’s story. I hate Oldboy so much, but the intensity of Stoker and the superb acting from the trio won
    Gonna watch Before Midnight at this weekend, will tell you later

    • Thank you for the nice compliment :D i wish i could do this as a living of course, i’m really scared about school right now :'( curcol
      I’m mad and disappointed as well! but you’ll understand their reason though (they told me about the censorship and all)
      Stoker was my first Park Chan-wook! I decided to wait for Oldboy remake before i watched the original..maybe only then i’d be watching other works of his…
      Have fun with Before Midnight! I hope you’d enjoy it as much as i do :D

    • it was! i’m such a fangirl so i was so excited! i’m all dork and no cool at all apparently!
      yay you! i’ll read the post in a sec :D

  2. Congrats on having your site linked on the director’s website, that’s pretty cool. A pretty good month there. Hopefully August will be great too. I really want to see Before Midnight, hopefully soon.

    • thank you! i’m such a happy fangirl!
      let’s hope so! and i hope you’ll be able to watch Before Midnight soon too!

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