Nyanyian para Pejuang Sunyi / Song of The Silent Heroes (2010)

Short | 8 min | 2010 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Adriyanto Dewo

Two Indonesian domestic helper in Hong Kong played a game at the pier. A game that can alter their lives and question their existence.

A very strong piece from the director who brought us Menunggu Warna (Waiting for Colors) from Sanubari Jakarta, Adriyanto Dewo. Showcasing what-ifs scenario that was brought out of despair and dead ends. The tragedy was apparent and heartbreaking. But the conclusion is actually more uplifting and brought a positive message instead, whenthe characters finally embracing the truth. I love little things in the films, something as simple as shots of the tumbling cups to represent what happening off the frame. The choice of the Bengawan Solo a classic indonesian kroncong tunes, writen by Gesang in the 1940.

The film was featured in several national and international film festival: Official ExtraFest section of the 7th edition of Lago Film Fest, International festival of short films, documentaries and screenplays 2011, Revine Lago, Italy; Winner Best Director Short Film Competition 6th Indonesian Film Festival 2011, in Melbourne, Australia; Queer Asia Section for Asian Hot Shots Film Festival 2011 in Berlin, Germany


GENRE Drama, Romance  
DIRECTOR Adriyanto Dewo | PRODUCER Dewi Umaya Rachman, Damar Panuluh, Sabrang Mowo, Doryto Tantri | MUSIC Aksan Sjuman, Titi Sjuman | CINEMATOGRAPHER Robie Taswin | EDITOR Aline Jusria | STUDIO Pic[k]Lock Production | COUNTRY Indonesia | RUNNING TIME 8 minutes | RELEASE 2010
STARRING Titi Sjuman, Lola Amaria

Stills are screen captured by yours truly | Trailer | Film


2 thoughts on “Nyanyian para Pejuang Sunyi / Song of The Silent Heroes (2010)

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