Menunggu Warna / Waiting for Colors (2012)

Short | 10 min | 2012 | Indonesia
Dir/Writer: Adriyanto Dewo

A man stopped at the traffic light while riding his motorbike. As he waited for the light to change, he saw his co worker across the street, steeling himself to initiate contact, before the two embark on sharing a relationship.

As reviewed earlier with Sanubari Jakarta, Adriyanto Dewo’s Waiting for Colors is the most deceptively simple yet powerful cinematic piece among other films in that anthology. The black/white coloring enhance the minimalistic and simple approach. Instead of overhwelmed the audience with colors and spoken dialogue, the film strength lies in tenderly captured moments that portrays the characters emotional journey. The acting are subtle and natural without exaggerated over-dramatization. It’s almost as if we saw the relationship between the two characters developed by seeing them from afar (maybe across the street, too), that everything are inaudible yet we can see each of their movements. Such a bittersweet movie, because even if the portrayals of the two characters’ connection are so sweet, the revelation at the end deliver a bitter conclusion that reflects the reality that our LGBT friends are facing. Through using simple iconography and symbols, Dewo captured the magnitude of the problem that we should be concerned about in such a humble ways.



GENRE Drama, Romance, LGBT  
DIRECTOR Adriyanto Dewo | PRODUCER Lola Amaria, Dimas Harry | WRITER Adriyanto Dewo | CINEMATOGRAPHER Robie Taswin | MUSIC Jejen, Ichsan Rachmaditta, Wahyu Tri Purnomo | EDITOR Aaron Hasim | COUNTRY Indonesia | RUNNING TIME 10 minutes | RELEASE 2012
STARRING Rangga Djoned, Albert Halim

Stills are screen captured by yours truly | Trailer


2 thoughts on “Menunggu Warna / Waiting for Colors (2012)

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