Humbug (2013)

Short | 8 min | 2013 | UK
Dir/Writer: Victoria Mather

Wilf had a little pet pig named Humbug, they were inseperable…until yesterday… there was an accident with the Eggman’s dog and Humbug was no more…

Humbug told a story of a young boy who have to deal with loosing a beloved pet, Humbug. To humor him his mother gave him humbug sweets. I think the film depict a coping mechanism of a young boy when faced with untimely separation. It’s an exploration of how our minds connecting patterns of things around us. Different from Stanley Pickle stop-motion animated style, Victoria Mathers deliver the story of Humbug in a simpler manner. Accompanied by strumming simple melodies from a guitar by Jean-Marc Petsas that capture the mood of the film. The art production still has that signature whimsical style of Mather previous work as well. Humbug really is a short and sweet film, just like humbugs. :D

The film is a part of an art exhibition in London called ‘Superstripe’ a cultural festival of pattern exploration established by Creature of London and Patternity. Mather shot Humbug in one day and deliver the final piece within 2-week time constrains and very limited budget. Job well done!

HUMBUG (2013)

GENRE Short, Pattern
DIRECTOR Victoria Mather | PRODUCER Carmen Siu | WRITER Victoria Mather | MUSIC Jean-Marc Petsas, Tom Drew | CINEMATOGRAPHER Phil Barthropp | EDITOR George Rockliffe | STUDIO Mind’s Eye | COUNTRY United Kingdom | RUNNING TIME 8 minutes | RELEASE April 22, 2013
STARRING Fred Thomas, Julian Bird, Charlotte Morgan

Screencapture by yours truly. Watch Full Film | fb page
Check out another SUPERSTRIPE film feature. (My favorite is Cropped by Abbie Stephens)

Preliminary illustration of HUMBUG Characters by Victoria Mather (c)


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