Stanley Pickle (2010)

Short | 11 min | 2010 | UK
Dir: Victoria Mather | Writer: Orhan Boztaz, Victoria Mather

Stanley Pickle live his life in a regular cycle like clockwork. Waking up, eating breakfast, looking outside the window at the pretty girl, etcetera, etcetera, until the time is come to go to bed and sleep, before waking up and do everything all over again. Until the day where something happen to  girl that change the life of Stanley Pickle.

Using a beautiful stop motion animation (an effect called ‘Pixilation’), we are bewitched into the retro, pastel colored world of Stanley Pickle.  The stuttering motion kinda give a sense of unease for the viewer, made the human actors seems like nothing but mannequin dolls, but showcase the that made the director, Victoria Mather became known for and often utilize (like what you find in Baking with Mother and her work for Lulu Guinness). The story is simple, a grim study of loss and moving on but story in a contrasting whimsical style. The tale that reminds me of something along Roald Dahl bleak fairy tale or old Enid Blyton bed time stories. While the visual reminds me of something like Pushing Daisies, Amélie, or Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are no dialogue, so it relies on the wonderful acting ability of each character, using simple expression that deliver their message clearly. With quirky musical accompaniment to enhance the overall notes of the film, making Stanley Pickle a peculiarly interesting film that is both enjoyably enchanting and eerie tale.

Stanley Pickle premièred at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2010 and picked up the prestigious McLaren Award for New British Animation. It has been officially selected for a large variety of festivals worldwide, winning 33 international awards leading to Oscar qualification in 2010. In 2011 Stanley Pickle became the most awarded film in NFTS history.


GENRE Animation, Short  
DIRECTOR Victoria Mather | PRODUCER Justine Watson | WRITER Orhan Boztas, Victoria Mather | MUSIC Jean-Marc Petsas, Dario Swade | CINEMATOGRAPHER John Lee | EDITOR James W. Griffiths | STUDIO National Film and Television School | DISTRIBUTOR National Film and Television School | COUNTRY United Kingdom | BUDGET £10,000 | RUNNING TIME 11 minutes | RELEASE January 23, 2011
STARRING Drew Caiden, Haruka Abe, Gareth Brierley, Nadia Morgan

Stills are screen captured by yours truly. Visit IMDb | Official Site | Trailer | Full Film
Support the film maker by purchasing the film on iTunes.


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