Chasing Ice (2012)

Remember earlier this year at the academy awards there’s an original song called Before My Time performed by Scarlett Johanson and Joshua Bell made the list for Best Original Song category? The song was beautiful, but it was a theme song for an even more captivating documentary film that serve us tangible proof of Global Warming that threaten our Planet.

The documentary follows renowned environmental photographer James Bolag as he started a project from National Geographic to document the effect of global warming in the arctic. In this particular documentary we follow his journey which started with his skepticism about the issue of global warming. Global warming is often became the source of debate even amongst the scientist, and I think majority of earth population are still unaware about the real urgency of this issue. What he witnessed in his mission changed his view forever, and through this documentary he tried to convey the urgency of this particular environmental issue to a broader, global audience.

This documentary does not capitalize on relaying statistical facts, scientific interviews, or hard to digests information to prove the point of this film object. Instead, Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) team deliver a solid prove of our Earth is changing at an alarming fast pace. Over the course of 5 years, Balog deliver a breathtaking images that sends breathtakingly horrifying realizations. Trough a revolutionary time lapse cameras that were installed in scattered location around Iceland, Greenland, and Alaska, where a sequence of image are recorded. Over the span of several years, the images of the erosion and disturbance to ancient glaciers are taken daily by this cameras, giving the viewers a day to day progression of the calving phenomenon. These documented images are gorgeous, yet they represent a grim message. Among the things presented in the documentary it includes a staggering scenes from a glacier calvation from Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland. the event was recorded and last for 75 minutes, the longest such event ever captured on film.

Debate whether the film actually conveys whether or not these calving phenomenon directly related to Global Warming, which was indirectly linked to modern lifestyles were raised. Some believe this process are unavoidable and part of the natural process for our earth to regain its balance. I personally believe this process whether it is natural or not are accelerated due to our lifestyle, we become more and more unkind to our Planet and the more unkind we were the more uncomfortable our planet become, thus we seek for solutions that are more unkind as well… it’s a never ending cycle of destructive behavior.

We see how the film sometimes dwells into a very personal life of Balog, a fact that sometimes distracts from the overall urgency of the film. Yet, Balog strong, thought-provoking portfolio speaks out loudly and mesmerizes you nevertheless. A picture says a thousand words, indeed. Balog created the documentary as a legacy and a wake up call for current and future generations. It will hopefully serve as a reminder of how our current carbon-lifestyle are effecting the environments. Now, what will you do to contribute for the sustainability of our environment?



GENRE Documentary
DIRECTOR Jeff Orlowski | PRODUCER Paula DuPré Pesmen, Jerry Aronson, Jeff Orlowski | MUSIC J. Ralph | CINEMATOGRAPHER Jeff Orlowski | EDITOR Rodney Ascher | DISTRIBUTOR Submarine Deluxe | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 75 minutes | RATING Rated PG-13 for brief strong language | RELEASE January 23, 2012 (Sundance), November 16, 2012
STARRING James Balog

Stills are screen captured by yours trully.

Go to: IMDb | Official Site | Trailer
Learn more about Extreme Ice Survey | Watch James Balog on TED | Watch Jeff Orlowski on GoogleTalk


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