The Girl is Mime (2011)

Short | 7 min | 2011 | UK
Dir: Tim Bunn | Writer: Tim Bunn, Joseph Patrick, Jackie Thompson, Tim Woodall

A mime, Clive Buckle (Martin Freeman), is being interrogated for the murder of his wife. The police just need the murder weapon, but will the mime finally talk?

I love seeing mime! I remember watching another short in Paris Je T’aime anthology called Tour Eiffel by Sylvain Chomet. The Girl is Mime is done for a £2,000 budget within the time constrains of 48 hour. It is a part of the 48 Hour Film Project and well deservedly won the best film, best cinematography, and honorable mention in acting in the competition. The story, of love and loss, is simple yet entertaining and smart. Martin Freeman is excellent as ever in making faces and expressions (as you can see in The Hobbit) even under the black and white paint of mime make up. Only one question remains, how the hell did a mime make a phone call?!


GENRE Comedy, Thriller
DIRECTOR Tim Bunn | PRODUCER Tim Bunn, Joseph Patrick, Jackie Thompson | WRITER Tim Bunn, Joseph Patrick, Jackie Thompson, Tim Woodall | CINEMATOGRAPHER Mark Adcock | MUSIC Stuart Earl | EDITOR Tim Bunn, Joseph Patrick | COUNTRY United Kingdom | BROADCAST DATE March 12, 2011
STARRING Martin Freeman, Daniel Caren, Jennifer Short.

Screen captures by yours truly | IMDB | Official Website | Watch the short.


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