Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Let me present to you: minions appreciation post! (aka the supposed Despicable Me 2 review)

This is one of the movie that i’ve been waiting for since the release of its viral video teaser more than a year ago. I think that video alone is a very smart move from the Illumination Entertainment, to tease and keep people anticipating for the release of an upcoming film. (and i have that clip stored in my phone for replays and amusing myself).

So our despicable villain now retired from his role as super villain and turn into a super dad instead. As we know from the first installment, Gru (Steve Carell) adopted the three little girl and promised to provide them a better life for the girls and become a super dad *sort of*. In this sequel, Gru deals with the fact that the girls are growing up, especially Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) who turned into a phone texting, boyfriend having teenagers, while Edith (Dana Gaier) still, well, being Edith, and he tried to treat Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher) as a child that she is (Never grow old, Agnes).

So, now reformed super dad Gru have plan for his future, but suddenly got recruited by Anti-Villain League (AVL) agent, Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). The head of AVL, Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) invited him to become an undercover spy to track down an unknown villain who stole the formula to a deadly mutation formula, PX-41, who now hiding the formula at their shop in the Mall. Of course hilarity ensue, between the girls, the minions, the lovely Lucy, and the mysterious super villain, can Gru juggle it all and come out victorious at the end?

So Kristen Wiig returns in a different character now, showing her excellent capabilities in voice acting. Another returning voice is Ken Jeong as one of Floyd Eagle-san, Most of the previous cast returns in their respective role including Steve Carell who’s still excellent as ever in Gru’s grumbling speeches (Guh-urls!!), Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario and of course the directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud in their Minions gibberish non-sense. The music of the film, composed by Pharrell Williams and Heitor Pereira was released in June 18, 2013, prior to the release of the film. Pharrell composed and performed the film original song called “Happy“. The score and songs selection in the film are very hip and poppish, very accessible to general viewers and contributed to the overall fun atmosphere of the film.

Now, despite the excellence of the voice actors and the adorableness of Agnes, the downside of the film seems to lie in the plot itself. I think somewhere along the way, these yellow, capsular, gibberish minions took over the entire film, and it seems that it’s intended that way. In every scene there are possible feeder for the minion to just pop up and took over the scene. Don’t get me wrong, even the most banal thing that becomes their jokes are funny and hilarious. The film went along the tradition physical comedy, serving up comical skits, running gags. But if you took away minions jokes than the film would be far, far less hysterical.

After seeing the minions in the film doing their gags that includes Carmen Miranda, Village People, and parodying a 90s boyband greatest song. I know that they are strong enough to hold on their own for their upcoming spin-off (and prequel?) film to release in 2014. Somewhat I think Despicable Me 2, along with the other Despicable shorts, provide the transition between Gru and his minions. I know a lot of people must’ve been excited for this especially since the hilarious Minions’ movie audition during the credit roll of the film. Personally, I’m just excited to hear John Hamm and Sandra Bullock doing voice acting again.

All in all, Despicable Me 2 is a very successful comedy. It delivers comical physical comedy and puns that are effective to invites the audience to laugh (out loud!). Definitely will make you wanna stick around and anticipate the upcoming spin-off, Minions (scheduled for December 19, 2014 release).


A little extra animated gif, because Despicable Me 2 has the most absurdly hilarious trailer videos! Btw is it just me or does the maid-uniformed Minions reminds me of Magenta (from Rocky Horror) when it turned purple by the PX-41 serum? XD I cannot unsee, maybe its the combination of maid outfit + shaggy hair though… (caption inspired by Hiddles and his love for Shakira)



GENRE Animation, Comedy
DIRECTOR Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud | PRODUCER Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy | WRITER Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio | MUSIC Pharrell Williams, Heitor Pereira | EDITOR Gregory Perler | STUDIO Illumination Entertainment | DISTRIBUTOR Universal Pictures | COUNTRY United States | BUDGET $76 million | RUNNING TIME 98 minutes | RATING PG for rude humor and mild action | RELEASE June 5, 2013 (Australia), July 3, 2013 (US)
STARRING Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand, Steve Coogan, Ken Jeong, Nasim Pedrad, Elsie Fisher, Dana Gaier

Stills are from IMDb | Official Site


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