The Blue Umbrella (2013)

Short | 6 min | 2013 | US
Dir/Writer: Saschka Ulsend

Set against the rainy night of a busy city streets, two umbrella meet and fall in love.

As the droplets of rain started to fall, the inanimate objects of the street began to take a life of its own, it was simple yet a sight to behold. Pixar raised the bar, yet again, with this silent, fully animated, photorealistic take of love at the first sight. The lovely score of simple melodies just enrich the moods. No dialogues necessary, since the symbolism is strong enough to deliver the story. The colors probably signifies the gender (of the owner of the umbrellas, since the most we saw from them is their color-coordinated wellies) or simply just to stood out against the sea of black umbrellas. The dark, rainy cityscape looks warm with the soft-glowing bokeh present in the background, evoking romance and warmth. It might look traditional and subtle, but it’s shines brilliantly and shows its undeniable beauty.

Attached to Monsters University (2013)

GENRE Animated, Short
DIRECTOR Saschka Unseld | PRODUCER Marc Greenberg, John Lasseter | WRITER Saschka Unseld | MUSIC Jon Brion | CINEMATOGRAPHER Brian Boyd | EDITOR Jason Hudak | STUDIO Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures | DISTRIBUTOR Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | COUNTRY United States | RUNNING TIME 6 minutes | RELEASE February 12, 2013 (Berlin International Film Festival), June 21, 2013 (with Monsters University

Stills are captured from TrailerIMDb


I love the concept of making inanimate object alive since i was a kid, there’s something nostalgic about it, and i still do it too sometimes (ha!).

In the closing scene the name of the cafe is Le Parapluie, which is french for umbrella. The french title of the shorts is Le Parapluie Bleu.

The initial inspiration for the film is this picture, you can follow the progress here at rainycitytales332.

This is the Director, Saschka Unseld, first time writing/directing a pixar short. He previously work as layout artist for Pixar’s Toy Story 3Cars 2, and Brave.

He quoted Wong Kar Wai’s films as his inspiration for the look of the movie.

Read more about the film here at IndieWire | VentureBeat | PixarPost.

(“The Blue Umbrella” Concept Art | Image © Pixar Animation Studios – courtesy of Indiewire Blog)


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