KaramelKinema: The New, The Now, The End of TV 2013-2014

I love my TV series, i almost never watch local indonesian channel because all we have are cheesy soap that lacks of content whatsoever. Nevertheless, i watch a heck load of american and british series. Started out with my undying love for sitcom (started out by Friends, which i have watched more than what is healthy for over 10 years now and i can quote the one-liner on a whim, ba-dum-pum-pshhh!). I still love my sitcoms, but also enjoy police procedural and detective stuff too. So June always marks the transition of television program for me. usually filled with enrage rants when i found out the show i like being cancelled (i especially hate ABC for that) and found out new shows to watch. So here’s what we’ll have in the 2013-2014 period.


I usually watched everything new atleast for an episode or two before deciding whether to continue it or to drop it instead. This season on TV there’s a lot, and i mean A LOT, of things to be excited about. First and foremost i must say how excited i am for Joss Whedon’s MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

AGENTS OF SHIELD | ABC | Superhero, drama, mystery | September 2013 | Website | Trailer
Adapted from MARVEL comics of course. For one, just because it’s Wheedon’s, as if its not reason enough, but the kicker is the return of Gregg Clark as Shield Agent Phil Coulson, who presumably died during the NY attack in Marvel’s The Avengers! Here, he’ll lead a team to recruit and protect people with super powers. Sounds kinda like Heroes, eh? Whatever, i’m excited by whatever Whedon does (can not wait to see Much Ado About Nothing), let’s hope it would be good.

UNDER THE DOME | CBS | Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller | June 24, 2013 | Website | Trailer
Another adaptation, this time developed from the a fiction novel of the same name by Stephen King. Under The Dome is a mini series of a dystopian twist set in a small town of Chester’s Mill where the resident suddenly found themselves isolated inside an impenetrable barrier.

ALMOST HUMAN | FOX | Science Fiction, Crime, Drama | Late Fall 2013 | Website | Trailer
After seeing Karl Urban on Star Trek: Into Darkness, we’re going to see him in a new TV series produced by J.J Abrahms. Almost Human set in the future where men of LA Police Department have robots as their counterpart. Karl Urban will be a part-robot detective who hates robots, yet found himself paired with a robot with emotional capabilities. A funny tidbit, there’s a horror, sci-fi movie with the same name and it has a very similar typography used for its title :D

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE | FOX | Comedy | 2013 | Website | Trailer
Andy fuckin’ Samberg!! One of my favorite Saturday Night Live cast member and it’s good to see him finally have his own show, following the footsteps of Fred Armisen (Portlandia), Tina Fey (30 Rock), and Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) :D Samberg is a hopeless yet talented NYPD officer who is forced to take things more seriously by his strict, new boss. Created by producers of Parks and Recreation i have high hopes for the level of hilarity it would bring!

ABOUT A BOY | NBC | Comedy | Fall 2013 | Website | Trailer
Yet another adaptation! This time came from a novel under the same name by Nick Hornby which was already adapted into a film in 2002, starring Hugh Grant and an itty bitty Nicholas Hoult. It’s about a little boy who teaches a grown up man how to be an adult. The series, greenlighted by NBC, is lead by David Walton, who has been guest starring in several sitcoms before (New Girl, Happy Endings, etc) He was a lead actor in several different series in the last 3 years, all of which ended up being cancelled or dropped (and i usually like them so i ended up being pissed). So fingers cross for this one!

DADS | FOX | Comedy | Fall 2013 | Website | Trailer
Also coming to Fox, Dads, produced by Seth MacFarlane, brought us to the world of two guys who were screwed when their respective fathers moved in with them. The two leads are Seth Green, who i actually can’t stand, and Giovanni Ribisi, whom i have a soft spot for (supposedly due to connection with Friends).

MOM | CBS | Comedy | Fall 2013 | Website | First Look
Anna Faris is well known for her comedic roles in Scary Movie franchise, but Moms will be her first lead in a television series. Faris will be a single mom, who battled with alcoholism, who want to stay sober and restart her life while raising her two kids. This is another Chuck Lorre project, and i basically ended up liking whatever he created (Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, and of course The Big Bang Theory), so this one is an obvious choice for me.

SUPER FUN NIGHT | NBC | Comedy | Fall 2013 | Website | Trailer
Rebel Wilson, the australian comic, who were featured as one of 2012 Heroine by NYT and the host of 2013 MTV Movie Awards, has been taking a spotlight among the ladies of comedy. She co-produce ‘Super Fun Night’ together with Conan O’ Brian, which will focus on three single best friends finally go out of their shell.

Other shows to come:
DRACULA | Period, Supernatural, Drama | from the creator of Downtown Abbey | Trailer
SLEEPY HOLLOW | Supernatural, Drama | adding a time-travel element to the urban legend | Trailer
ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND |Supernatural, Drama | a spin-off from OUAT series | Trailer
RESURECTION | Supernatural, SciFi | a dead 8 yo return to life halfway across the globe | Trailer
MIXOLOGY | Comedy, Romance | One bar. One night. Ten single people | Trailer
ENLISTED | Comedy | Military family humour, from the creator of Cougar Town | Trailer
THE CRAZY ONES | Comedy | Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams! | Trailer
THE TROPHY WIFE | Comedy | Party girl turn family wife | Trailer
THE MICHAEL J FOX SHOW | Comedy | a former newsanchor return to his work | Trailer
INTELLIGENCE | Crime, SciFi | Chip implants+National securities= Quintessential spy movie | Preview
THE TOMORROW PEOPLE | Fantasy, SciFi | Junior version of Heroes on CW | Trailer
AMERICAN GODS | Fantasy, Drama | HBO adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name! | Trailer

With so many new shows i’m still excited with some of the show i watched to return. Beside Modern Family (which is still one of my favorite comedy on TV), The Following, Hannibal, Criminal Minds (still held its place as one of my favorite crime procedural drama), and the epic Game of Thrones (which i’m sure still have many, many more episode to come); here are some returning TV series that i’m excited about!

WHITE COLLAR| USA Network | Crime, Police Procedural | Season 5 | Website
Ex-conman Neil Caffrey (Matt Bomer) works together with FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), solving white collar crime using Neil expertise. I watched this since the first season and loved it almost instantly, not only because it’s a crime/police procedural, but because of the chemistry of the two leads (bromance alert). I like the cases (which usually involves art heist, forgeries, and such).

SHERLOCK | BBC | Detective, Police Procedural | Season 3| Website
I’m sorry RDJ, but my vote for the best Sherlock have to go to Benedict Cumberbatch, in this BBC contemporary take on the infamous detective. The show is in mini-series format, with only 3 episodes for per season, the one year (or more!) break between season is quite hard to handle, especially since the show just seems to love its cliffhanger ending. It is extremely well made and modern, but still remains relatively faithful to its original material. I’m sorry Elementary but you don’t even hold a candle to it, Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Smaug made the best Watson & Sherlock (yes, yes another bromantic pair there)

NEW GIRL | FOX | Sitcom | Season 3 | Website
In for Zooey Deschanel, but what made me watch this show is the cocky douchebag, Schmidt portrayed by Max Greenfield (which is not even in the picture! why did i choose this one? *headdesk*. Anyway, the dynamic of Zooey as Jessica Day with her three boys roomate (all with different traits and quirks) can be quite funny most of the time. Although season 2 was slightly weaker than the first one, i’m still happy with the show renewal.

THE BIG BANG THEORY | CBS | Sitcom | season 7 | Website
NO THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT! Jim Parson proves once again that there are a thin line between bat-shit crazy and genius scientist, as he portray the once-child-prodigy Sheldon Cooper. A quintessential Chuck Lorre’s production, the show have captured me from the first season. At first portraying a dynamics between the four scientist with a girl next door. The series progress with heartwarming moments and unbelievable twists at times. Don’t fear the scientific rants of Sheldon, his antics is the series’ true strength. Armed with scientific babble, superhero / comics / scifi / startrek / starwars / cosplay / any fanboy quips imaginable, and its truly unorthodox guest stars choices (Stephen Hawking was one of them), this series will charm your pants off XD. If you are still wondering, this should be enough reason to check it out no?

So based from what i gathered most of the new sitcoms i watched was cancelled (Happy Endings, The New Normal), along with other shows i like (Touch, CSI: NY). It baffled me some show just still commercially succesfully while i think it already lost most of its air, i’m not gonna naming names now. Now these are the good ones that do not overstay their welcome and come to a great closure.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER | CBS | Sitcom | Season 9 | Website
The show basically portrays a group of friends and revolves around their lives, relationships fails, bromance, set in apartments and a drinking establishment something that has been done repeatedly it became some kind of generic sitcom formula. But the thing about HIMYM that sets it aparts is its done in a non linear timeline. The first episode itself shown that the entire series will be a flash back. The series is very smart with their gimmick, various episode plays against the logical constraints of timeline, toys with time travel and possible future scenarios, it features episodes that directly connected to future or past episodes, yet it remains quite consistent because the entirety of the show is built around a very specific timeline. One of it flaws obviously is the feel of sluggishness because of its own premise of how the main character met the mother of his kids. The cast of the series add their own comedic twists to the series, especially with Neil Pattrick Harris’ snobbish/narcissistic tendency as Barney Stinson, as well as one of my favorite comedic pair Jason Segal and Alisson Hannigan as the show power couple Marshall and Lily. Here’s for what I hope would be a great closure for a great 9 years of hilarity!

DEXTER | Showtime | Crime, Police procedural | Season 8 | Website
Adapted from a book series (started by Darkly Dreaming Dexter) the show took us to the backseat of a born serial killer. I initally pick this up after i read I Hunt Killers series by Barry Lyga, so i sort-of have a 7 season Dexter marathon in the last two months. It is interesting to see how our lead, forensic guy by day and serial killer by night, Dexter Morgan functions and assess situations he’s in. The way his work his logic fascinates me. Each season has an arc but each episode has its own stand-alone conflicts. The show is not as separate as Criminal Minds though, since the whole universe of the show is driven by Dexter alone. Now i wonder, how would this show come to an end?

(Phew this post is long!)
So guys, do you watch any of this show? Are there any new show you’re looking forward to or you might pick up in this upcoming season? :D


10 thoughts on “KaramelKinema: The New, The Now, The End of TV 2013-2014

  1. Just like you, I also love the tv seriesss…. and yeah, it’s not about the local one. but my taste goes to the cheesy one (usually for the CW-series lol)
    Thanks for the updated! Gonna mark Agent of Shield too! I love Phil Coulson, who doesn’t? I hope he gets a better story line or maybe we could get a scoop for his love for Captain America? and damn, About a Boy in a series?
    I also gonna try Dracula, I read Rhys Meyers is the leading actor for Dracula, damn! I miss him since The Tudor so much
    and I hate the hiatus-mode for almost 3 months… I miss my CW series (Supernatural, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries) and some other series like Castle and Elementary.
    but the fall series is gonna coming, and who doesn’t love Neil and Peter’s bromance? WC never failed me
    p.s I’m more into Elementary rather than Sherlock. yay! finally we disagree on something ;p

    • CW got a lot of shows this season! 3 scifi theme for crying out loud XD I think they came up with somekind of epic/period one, and a spin off from Vampire Diaries! My sister watches CW but she’s mourning the ending of Gossip Girl and 90210. (I actually read the gossip girl in my late teens XD but I love the series plot better!)

      You should tell me if Dracula is good. Police procedural, sitcoms, and any USA show is my usual go-to list XD I totally did not remember castle when I’m writing this! I’m sorry Nathan Fillion! :(

      Yay someone else who like WC! I don’t have a lot of friends who watched any USA network program, and its probably my ultimate go-to list just like you and CW!

      Haha we disagree on which is the best Sherlock?! Yours definitely have more episode than mine! XD

      • mwhaha, yeah I cried actually during the finale eps of GG. It’s a perfect ending but sadly, 90210 didn’t have appropriate ending.
        Already mark the originals as TVD spin-off :D
        I don’t like police or investigations series but well, sometimes, I watch CSI and their spin-off in my spare time
        You’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory yes? and New Girl! I watched 2 season of New Girl but sometimes didn’t understand the american’s joke but maybe it’s just me. but you’re right! narcissistic Schmidt is soooo cute

      • Yeah it is sad that 90210 did not get a chance to tied up loose ends. i thought they were going to give them another 12 episode season to wrap things up…

        Criminal Minds and Psych is my fave police procedural series.. altho the later might seem rather detective comedy than an actual procedural haha xD

        Sometimes the american jokes are hard to grasp ya, maybe thats why when i rewatch these sitcoms over the years there are always new lines i found amusing because i didnt realise its meaning at first :D

  2. Yeah, after lots of canceller series with so-so rating, some of CW teenage’s series ended their journey just like you said, Gossip Girl and 90210. I was enough satisfied with GG’s finale eps but quite angry with 90210’s finale since the finale announcement was out of blue, i though the scriptwriter lost in direction. same like your sister, I mourned during the finale :'( I made the tribute for GG. lol http://moviegasm.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/ten-best-episodes-of-gossip-girl-in-my-version/ I also read the Gossip Girl’s novel. it’s very different with the series but for me, both of them is good in their own way.
    Yeah there’s gonna be a spin off from TVD, called the originals. I’m gonna try the serial too.
    What do you watch during this month? The Game of Thrones is definitely the biggest series people talk about, yes? I watch Hannibal at its first episodes but got scared when watching it. but still I downloaded till its 12th eps eventho’ I don’t know when I prepare for watching it
    I think you love The Big Bang Theory so much, yes? I also watch New Girl but still wondering why I don’t really get Jess and mate’s joke. But you’re right, Schmidt and CeCe is enough cute but errr… do they break up or not?
    I still have WC’s full episodes since the first eps. I remembered when I was doing WC-marathon for like 3 days. Neal-Peter’s relationship was more than just an ex con-man and the fbi who work together for solve cases but also a friend indeed. And their interaction is so sweet and funny!!!! I really like Neal-style who always uses his own charm for solve cases and how Peter always gonna be his guidance, who care lot, who tell him what’s wrong and tell him to still stay with him! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I can’t wait for 4th season! After the 3rd season finale, I think Neal gonna save Peter no matter what, even if it consist of hunting his own father. You go Neal!

  3. And about WC!!! OMG, at first, I thought it’s just gonna be another Catch Me if You Can but it’s more than that….
    i remember the time I marathon-ed WC for like 3 days without do anything, and voila! totally in love with Neal and Peter’s relationship. Their chemistry is soooo good, I remember the eps when Peter asked Neal why he didn’t said goodbye and Neal replied like… I forgot the exact line, but it’s like ‘I couldnt say goodbye to you bcos you’re the one who can change my mind’ ;_____:
    tick tocking for the 5th season! After the finale eps, I think Neal will catch his father for the sake of Peter. lol

    • AAAAH YEAH! Their chemistry is so so good, indeed!! Even now sometimes there are an element of conflict within their relationship but we can see how much bond the two had strengthen over the course of four seasons! Ticktock indeed! can not wait for the upcoming season!
      (PS: i actually love seeing Peter and Elizabeth together, they’re just so sweet! :3)

      • Yeah, the cancellation of 90210 is quite shocking (even for the casts) I hate the ending but luckily, found the alternate ending for Naomi which made by the actress herself bcos she also felt bad for the finale. lol I’m blabbering too much to you!
        Mwahaha Psych is definitely will make you laugh, watched it several time and the duo interaction, They’re duo or not? It’s enough fun!
        Yeah Eli is great wifey, Her protection to Peter is definitely make us like… whatt… you wanna break him up with Neal, but we knew that Eli -just like Mozzie- is always be the helper for the duo :D

      • hahaha its okay :D i love blabbery! XD

        Yes! Psych is those two childhood bestfriend working together XD they have a ‘special’ bond too, their bickering is so fun to watch!

        OMG i forgot about mozzie! He’s also an interesting addition to the cast! I like him!!

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