Zucht (2007)

ZUCHT (Breath)
Short | 10 min | 2007 | Netherlands
Dir.: Margien Rogaar | Writer: Tjyying Liu

A shy young boy Erik (Yannick de Waal) is invited by his friend Sofie (Moo Miero) to go swimming on a lake with her father, Arend (Roeland Fernhout). Sofie’s coy and sweet flirtation went unnoticed by Erik, as his attention was consumed by the masculinity of Arend. Sofie kissed Erik, now will Erik kiss her back?

Sweet and innocent portrayal of adoration and first crush. Through simple gestures, fleeting glances, passing touches. In the color of green foliages of the summer and the bright sun over the lake, Erik explores his attraction within the realm of his bashfulness. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s just a pure and simple form of an adolescent crush.

Pictures are screen-captured by yours truly | Zucht on IMDb.


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