Bræðrabylta (2007)

Short | 21 min | 2007 | Iceland
Dir/Writer: Grímur Hákonarson

A little break from the 2013 LGBT Blogathon posts, i brought to you in under 200 words, Wrestling. A love story about two gay glima wrestlers having hidden affairs from their mundane life in rural iceland. Their life took a turn as choices must be made between their closeted romance to traditional family values.

Don’t let the title fool you (like it did to me), first of all glima is not like american wrestling at all, it’s a scandinavian folk sports. The movement reminds me of a kind of waltz step. For one who is foreign to the concept glima wrestling has a sense of awkward intimacy, maybe a symbolism used by the director to signifies the relationship between the characters. Strained emotions heavily embedded in each scene, exchanged through silence and longing gazes, exuding a great sadness of the character. There’s a poetic romance from their wrestling, there are shared love that burdened both of them, a fact they need to keep hidden and in the end strain them painfully.

Pictures are screen-captured by yours truly | Bræðrabylta on IMDb.


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