Steam (2009)

Short | 15 min | 2009 | USA
Dir/Writer: Eldar Rapaport

Two strangers met in a steam room and things, excuse the pun, got heated. However the first guy (Julien Zeitouni) was suddenly fell out of it and accuse the other guy for being one of them, only for the other guy (Scott Hislop) amusedly retort that the other is one of those. The first guy unease turn into entrapment when he found that he can’t find an exit door. The two man effectively trapped in the steam room.

This short, simply set in an interior of a steam room and accompanied by a simple musical melody (Gnossienne #1, by Erik Satie), can be perceived as an homage to Sartre’s Haus Clos (No Exit). It delivers truly an unexpected twist in the end and further create a wonderful surrealism in this piece. The elements of the film can be openly interpreted by viewers as it is pregnant with metaphorical analogies. Truly a great film!

Steam is the recipient of 2009 Iris Prize Awards, an international achievement for gay and lesbian short film

Pictures are screen-captured by yours truly | Steam on IMDb.


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