Heiko (2008)

Short | 13 min | 2008 | Portugal
Dir/Writer: David Bonneville

Homem (José Manuel Mendes) have to force his foot down when it concerns his younger partner Heiko (Jaime Freitas).

An extreme take of fetishistic obsession in a relationship between partners. While shot in a warm bright composition, the film has a foreboding darkness as soon as the title card started. Cautionary tale of power play, obedience, and disrespect with an even grimmer twist.

Steam is the nominated for 2009 Iris Prize Awards, an international achievement for gay and lesbian short film.
Pictures are screen-captured by yours truly | Heiko on IMDb.


One thought on “Heiko (2008)

  1. hi there i think you dead Heiko ? looks like real video. i mean ” what’s happend who did killed him named heiko dead old man try killed you.” :( ??? real or fake? i Just ask you that’s all.

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