Seven Something (2012)

I really am not an avid Thailand cinema fan, I watched their horror films only if I was coerced by my sister, and I watched the romcom-type ones if my friends asked me too. This time it is the same case, I got dragged by a best friend for, supposedly, the sake of a guy known as Nichkhun from some kind of K-Pop group called 2PM. Seven Something (รัก7ปีดี7หน) is an anthology type films, divided into three major parts, based on (what I assume) the age of the lead character in the story. On the first story there’s this little YouTube videos that points out how major events happen in human life every 7 years under some cosmic astrological influence. This is how the three stories unfolds.

Directed by: Pawin “Golf” Phurijitpanya

Puan (Jirayu “Kao” La-ongmanee) is in love, he just started going out with his first girlfriend, Milk (Sutatta “Pun Pun” Udomsilp). Like any other youth, the boy is well rehearsed with nowadays technology and gadget, he uploads his video on YouTube, he tweet his thoughts, he shares on Facebook, and joins online community. Clearly  interested in art of photography and probably aiming to be a music video director (or was it a director in general) he expresses his feeling through making a video tribute to his girlfriend. But apparently the two have very different sense of privacy.

With loud, gimmicky visuals to accentuate the mood and exagerated the atmosphere or mainly Puan’s feeling (that after sometimes became quite exhausting) and musical score that is a reminiscent of old school 8-bit game score, this piece might did a great job mimicking the mood created in nowadays flow of information. Reminding me of a little terminology used by my professor, an information implosion. The two young leads are adorable and fits their character well, the acting might be mediocre, but isn’t it just sufficient to tell this adorably puppy-love tale of the digital era. Puan and Milk are a representation of nowadays teenagers who tweets, share, have as much (if not more) online as their offline communities. They spend their days on dates (well documented by Instagram and other aide of iPhone apps) and video chat on Skype at night. When privacy became a hurdle, it feels like a gentle sarcasm towards avid Internet user, because whether you agree to it or not, by getting more stuff online, the line of privacy became such a blur.


Directed by: Adisorn “Ping” Treekasem

Mam (Chris Horwang) is a former actress trying to regain her former glory. When her first hit movie ‘Sea You’ got a long awaited sequel ‘Sea You Again‘, she desperately trying to seek out her former co-star who is also her former boyfriend, Jon (Sunny Suwanmethanon) Mam was disheartened not only by his cold response but also to found him already immersed in his life as a Marine Biologist and his acting career long forgotten. Can Mam persuade Jon to go under the fluorescent light one more time or the hatchet between them are too great to buried?

I remember u watched a movie by the same director and actress (Bangkok Traffic Love Story, 2009), and this movie gave me similar thrill, a perfectly enjoyable movie with a dose of comedy (though sometimes slapstick-y) and enough dose of emotions. The transition of pasts and future events progress interestingly, the present events move onwards as the past events move backwards. The music accompanying this piece are effective in engaging the audience so we can relate to the emotions of the characters. This piece is probably my favorite out of the three, since i sniffle and LOLed so much on this one, a perfectly enjoyable ride.


Directed by: Jira “Keng” Malikul

42 year-old TV anchor lady (Suquan Bulakul) just had a tragedy that puts her life on a metaphorical pause. An accidental bump from a young marathon runner (Nichkhun Horvejkul) push her to move forward. But can she get over her grief of the tragedy, and really move on, with a marathon?

The most dramatic one of the three, as in melancholic love story. The lead without any name is accompanied by a narrator from a 3rd person point of view. The theme of loss and new found hope is accompanied by an unorthodox form of love. I think this piece is a bit underwhelming and I did not sympathize with the lead for reasons I can not fathom. To be honest I did not enjoy the duration of all three movie, which was a total of 153 minutes. It felt too fricking long, a possible reason why I could not fully appreciate the last movie as well.


Seven Something was released on July 26 in Thailand and screen exclusively at Blitzmegaplex since August 11. While it is not a profound, life-altering movies, i found it very enjoyable, well grounded and delivered in simpleness that is endearing. The results are satisfying, get your money worth kind of movie, and for those romantics out there, i think you’ll feel warm and fuzzy after all the cuteness of this movie.

pictures are screen captured from the official international trailer by yours trully.


2 thoughts on “Seven Something (2012)

  1. Didn’t know that 7something is practically a compilation, but it explains the different mood of each parts. And I think the right directors developed the right stories with proper moods. They spoil my eyes nicely; I love the pictures *not sure that’s the proper word, but you get what I mean XD

    As a whole for me this movie felt like a … What’s the name? Aerobic exercise? ‘Low impact’ set to open the series, ‘high impact’ as the main, and another ‘low impact’ set to cool down which use a slower pace than the 1st set.

    Got to agree that the 1st part was the most exhausting although the last story was the one about marathon. And I love the 2nd story!! Actually I also tried to hide my tears watching that *hoping you didn’t notice my change in breathing*. About the last part… I can understand the conflict and it still touch my heart tho not at the same level as the 2nd.

    All in all, I’m glad you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. I was quite nervous actually, afraid that it will be one of those mediocre movies that rely solely on idol’s name. I look forward to our next movie date. Next time, it will be your pick. :D

    • Fish~! Thank you visiting my blog and also for the comment! :D

      I like your analogy of the movie compared to an aerobic exercise, i think its quite fitting. I did cried during the 2nd movie haha~ but the comic relieve was enough to make me smile again *we’are F14~~~*dances**

      Yay! Do watch bourne for me~ for the sake of Jeremy Renner’s arm!

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